January 25 – Prep

Tara has been hitting the gym about 5 days a week. I think she’s gone 17 times this month and it’s only Jan 25th.

Today I walked about 0.2mi to start my training. That includes getting in and out of the car several times (visiting both Starbucks & McDonalds) and quite a bit of distance in the grocery store. I was pushing a cart so those steps probably count double.

Pacific-Crest-Trail-mapOur hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) starts in a mere 80 days or so (mid April). I don’t think it’s sunk it for Tara how incredibly soon that is. As some background, the PCT heads up the west coast of North America for 2663 miles. It starts at Campo at the Mexican border and heads up some dry mountains before crossing the Mojave desert. Around mile 700 we get to the Sierra Nevada’s for another 500 miles or so. Around mile 1600 we finish walking California. Next is all the random volcanos in Oregon (Rainer, Adams, Hood etc.) and then we head up the Cascade Mountains in Washington State to the finish at Manning Park, BC.

Our gear lists are mostly together. I think I’m going to take a garbage bag instead of a rain jacket for southern California since its not going to rain and that’s half a pound saved. Mostly we just need to get logistics/permits sorted out. We need flights, rides to the start, PCT permit and a permit to hike into Canada. I’m trying not to plan too much because its more fun just letting it happen. Our food plan is mostly just to buy as we go since that takes less pre-trip planning.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.57.10 PMLots of goodies coming in the mail. Getting lighter gear is more fun than getting into shape. This sweet little Patagonia down jacket is on order, as is a nice patagonia button up shirt to look classy in the desert. Tara’s focused more on getting in shape that gear, but she’s excited that we’re getting an iPad mini to blog with, and I bought her a sweet Arcteryx rain jacket for Christmas.

Today we were fortunate enough to be offered a free bear canister loan for the Sierra’s (they’re required), so we’ll pick that up at around mile 700.

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