Gear Runs or Treadmill Runs?

Dan’s right…it hasn’t completely sunk in for me yet.

I’m hiking the PCT in T-75 days – That’s 4,000 kilometres of walking…and all I can think about is what books to download for my iPad so I have lots to read.

I’m getting lost in the details, but I think that’s common – will I get enough protein as a vegetarian?…how many pairs of underwear do I bring?…can I go that long without seeing my dog?…what’s my trail name going to be?…am I getting to the gym enough or is that just all a waste of time anyway? You get the picture.

It’s all details, details, details, right up to the day we board a plane to San Diego with nothing but a back-pack full of “details.” Hopefully I get those “details” as light as possible.

We’ll be standing at the border monument between Mexico and the USA thinking…I’m about to do WHAT?! Hike to Canada eh? Well…I guess I do have some time to kill…

And I just have to mention that the quality of our dates have just SKY-ROCKETED since we’ve decided to hike the PCT. This wonderful Friday evening, Dan and I drove to Ryden’s which is parcel pick-up just across the border in Minnesota. Shipping is outrageous in Canada, so lots of people in Thunder Bay Ontario get swag shipped to Ryden’s to save cash. Yup…some date night!

Here’s Dan with all his new gear for the trail. Looking uber-techy.



Hmm…maybe it’s time I put more effort into getting my crap together.

Can’t hike in jeans and a cardigan…Image

Oh well. Let’s just say this has been a great adventure already. I think the preparation for a 5 month hike can be a little over-whelming, but it’s also incredibly exciting. We’ve been spending countless evenings and weekends weighing and sorting all of our gear in our dark basement apartment, chatting about hot desert days and gruelling mountain hikes with stellar views. The contrast couldn’t be more extreme, but that’s what’s been keeping me going. SOON I will be done with this frigid Northern winter weather. SOON I will be out of the 9-5 grind. SOON I will be California bound…


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2 Responses to Gear Runs or Treadmill Runs?

  1. Kyle says:


  2. Kyle says:

    At first I thought that was actually what Tara was wearing on the trail lol, so pumped for you guys!

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