You made what?

Flights are booked. It’s 45 days – just over 1000 hours – until we fly to San Diego. Our adventure begins April 16th with a long flight (Buffalo to San Diego) and then a nights stay with a San Diego trail angel. We plan to start on April 17 or 18 at Warner Springs (mile 109) and hike the first section in reverse so we can get an early start while still attending Kick Off Weekend at Lake Morena.

Tara spent the past week skiing in Utah on her gym sculpted legs, while I haven’t gotten off the couch yet. I probably won’t. I hope to put 20 miles on my shoes to get them broken in a little bit, but actually getting in shape for the PCT has been heavily impaired by my university schedule, incessant -30C weather (Thunder Bay, ON) and a lack of motivation to spent time in a gym.

I have, however, been making great strides with our gear. Despite a test pair turning out a tad snug (which turned my wife into a non-believer), I managed to sew some snazzy trail shorts that actually fit quite handsomely. I was unsatisfied with the dichotomy between embarrassingly short 3″ running shorts and heavy shorts of a modest length, so I made my own. This pair of classy shorts was made possible with some fabric from Dave C. and tips the scales at a mere 58g (2.0oz). Now I’ve got something to wear in town while doing laundry, or for swimming in pristine alpine lakes.

ImageAlso made possible by our $50 pink flower covered Wal-mart sewing machine, was some custom tailoring to tara’s new hiking shirt. Her Patagonia Overcast long sleeve nylon shirt was awfully baggy in the torso so I took it in. It’s still a loose fit but it’s not like wearing a bedsheet anymore.


Lastly, but perhaps the most awesome, is our padded mailing envelope iPad Mini case. This hefty gem adds 13g to Tara’s baseweight. It came about in a moment of inspiration where my dissatisfaction with heavy and expensive commercially available cases coincided with me spotting this perfectly sized used padded mailing envelope on my desk. I had some stick on velcro handy and minutes later this beauty was born.




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4 Responses to You made what?

  1. Megan Firth says:

    Can you please put up a picture of you at your sewing machine??!?! That would be fantastic.

  2. Puppy says:

    Yay! You’re taking an iPad mini! I brought a Verizon one last year and NEVER, EVER regretted it. I used it to keep in touch instead of a SPOT, and took a photograph every day that I shared on Instagram for the world to follow along. And your handmade case is brilliant! Keep in mind those little things are WAY tougher than you would think. I did keep mine in a hard shell, and then in a small 4L dry sack roll-top purse though, clipped to my shoulder strap for quick access. A plan that both kept it available for snapshots, and dry in the rain.

    • dandurston says:

      Yup…we’re pretty stoked about the iPad mini. Just have to make sure we take good care of her. You have the best name EVER by the way. Did you come up with your own trail name, or did someone name you? I (Tara) am trying to name myself, but I think I’m taking it too seriously 🙂

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