Where the Wild Things Are…

Can’t believe it’s been over a month since one of us has written.

The past month has been a complete whirl-wind!! Both Dan and I have been swamped with school. Dan still is – poor guy – but I have managed to finish all my Nutrition Case Studies, and am just waiting to do my final exam for Nutrition School. It’s on Friday morning, and Dan’s last exam is Friday afternoon..and we leave Saturday morning.

Leaving T-Bay is 1 week.

1 week.


Then we will spend two-ish days in Southern Ontario saying hello-goodbye to family and friends, then we fly to SAN DIEGO!! What?! So surreal at this point…not sure if or when it will ever sink in just how ridiculous this whole thing is. Maybe when I’m standing at the monument at the Mexican Border? I get nervous butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it…

My comfort is knowing that countless others have done this before me. It’s been done.  It’s possible. Just put one foot in front of the other and walk…and keep breathing…

I have stopped stressing about the details. It’s too late for that. Yes, we don’t have any food planned out…like any…at all. But we can wing it right? Just eat whatever’s available for sale in the next town. I imagine we may have entire week long stretches where all we eat is Kraft Dinner and trail mix, but that’s OK. I can handle that. Food is calories to fuel us and keep us moving. Just keep walking…just keep walking…

No more stressing means WAY MORE anticipating. I know it’s going to be the biggest mental and physical battle of my life, but it’s also going to be so FREEING. I can truly be in the moment – no worries about work, school, where to live, who to be, and what is expected of me. Enjoy the moment – Hey, was that a marmot? What kind of tree is that? Can you watch for people Dan, cuz I gotta take a pee.

And I want time with ME – Who am I anyway? What do I stand for? What’s important to me? What SHOULD be important to me? Where do I fit into this crazy fleeting thing called life? Who am I really…away from all the stereotypes and labels I have allowed to shape me.

I know…pretty philosophical eh? But wouldn’t you be if you were about to walk for almost 5 months? Sounds like plenty of time to think and be receptive to your thoughts and the thoughts of those around you.

Walk on…


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6 Responses to Where the Wild Things Are…

  1. Wally Brubacher says:

    I’m thrilled for you guys and a little envious.
    Keep us posted!
    Will I see you when passing thru Waterloo County?
    Hope so (;-)

  2. Mahlon Frey says:

    Love your reflections, I’m so stoked about your impending adventure, & just a bit jeleous as well.
    Is me bad ?????

    Love Dad

    PS. Looking forward to spending time with, You and Dan in a week WOTT WOTT !

  3. Kirk Durston says:

    Pretty exciting!! We’ll be cheering for you two!

  4. Janet Firth says:

    im going live vicariously through you! Excited for you!

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