Nutritionist?…who cares…

Feeling like a free woman today!

Yesterday was my last day at work as a Health Coach at a weight loss clinic, and this morning I finished my final exam for my Holistic Nutritionist Diploma. That’s a lot of wrapping up.

It’s one thing to plan a trip to hike 2660 miles – that’s a feat in itself. But it’s quite another to AT THE SAME TIME pack-up your life, finish a diploma (degree in Dan’s case), drive 1500 kilometres (we’re talking Canada folks), drop off all your life possessions (including your baby – or dog, but same thing really), and THEN get to fly to San Diego and embark on this long-awaited journey. 

Here’s the packing progress so far, complete with a map of Sierra Nevada on the wall for inspiration and motivation – just keep packing…soon you will be hiking…stick with it…



And Dan will be home in 1 hour with the U-Haul so we can start compressing our lives into a mobile box on wheels. 

It’s all just pure craziness folks!! And I feel like I never really get to celebrate the “wrapping-up” of “loose-ends” these days. Oh, you’re done your final exam? Well get packing! Finished your job and won’t be doing the 9-5 grind for 5 months? Oh, that’s neat, but there’s still WORK to do. I thought I was done with work… Sigh.

And add in the fact that I’m counting the days I have left with my dog. 


And she seems to know things are a little fishy around here…


When do I get to catch a breather…? Maybe when I’m finally sitting in the plane. I will be in my hiking clothes (that I will wear every day until they wear out), sans make-up (so I didn’t feel much need to do the “make-up free selfies that were circulating around the internet), holding hands with my best friend and soul-mate, flying through the air at ridiculous-miles/hour. 

Then we walk.

Slowly…we walk.

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6 Responses to Nutritionist?…who cares…

  1. Mikki says:

    ahhh, i didnt know you considered me your best friend and soul mate;) cant wait to hold hands as we walk too!

    I feel your every word Tara, things ending, things beginning, with not a moment to stop, celebrate, get anxious, get excited… try to take moments. Breath, remember, dream, and hold on to the moments that seem to fly by so fast. you are living in the dreams that you and dan have created and imagined for so long.

    See you on the road. Wherever, whatever road it may be…


    • So happy you are joining us the trail – stay as long as you want!!!!
      Also, too bad you don’t live in Vancouver anymore. I might have to crash at Justin’s place when this is all hiked and done – I don’t think I’ll look as good in his clothes. 😦 Haha

      • Justin says:

        come on tara, are you actually comparing my style to mikkis. that just rude, she actually shops at other stores besides mec and i will say this though, after 5 months of hiking my clothes might be a welcome comfort as they will not have any weight restrictions like i know dan is imposing on you.

        if you are finishing your hike at a time that i am available i may just come and finish it with you guys and then can bring you back to your new home town of vancouver.

      • justin says:

        tara are you saying that mikki is more fashionable than me. come on now, lets be serious. she actually shops as other stores besides MEC and when you come to crash at my place i am sure my clothes will be a welcome comfortable change to your weight restricted clothes that dan has you wearing.

        i may try to finish the trail with you guys if schedules work out.

  2. Steven Bill says:

    Awesome – so pumped for you both!

  3. Megan Firth says:

    that was a beautiful Blog Tara! Thanks for sharing it with us! We’re excited for you! Can we go out for drinks again to celebrate all the amazing things that are happening in your life when you’re here next weekend? Also, I totally loved the beautiful way you described your relationship with Dan at the end. Just Beautiful.

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