Gray Fox and Stinky Socks… (T-Fox)

Day 3: 16 miles (miles 33-49)

Day 4: 20 miles (miles 49-68)


It was another early start for T-Fox and Dan on Day 3. 10 other hikers ended up crashing with us last night, so we did our best to be quiet. Zippers and Velcro and stoves are NOT quiet. We gulped down our coffee, and hit the trail by six ish.

And am I ever glad we did! It may just be a Canadian thing, but we find the afternoons HOT, so if we can get some decent mileage in before that heat hits, we are in much better shape.

How were we feeling. In a word, stiff. Incredibly stiff. As in, I would rather be lounging in a hot tub with Epsom salts kinda stiff. But whatever…when in Rome…

We hiked about 10 miles to reach Mount Laguna. There was a campground just outside of town that had fresh, COLD water taps. My first reaction?…I gotta get that water all over me! both Dan and I jumped right under, clothes on and all, with squeals of delight and cold water shock. Brandon just so happened to be hanging out nearby, and I think we provided some decent entertainment. oh, and the tap explicitly said “no washing”…but come on!! I’ve done worse.


We scrubbed up some salty and sweaty clothes as well, I hopped into my town dress (yes I have a town dress…don’t judge) and headed to town. We rolled into the first pub, where we were greeted with Easter brunch. It was heavenly. Brandon joined us, and we had our own little Easter celebration with beer and coffee. ( Side note: the men’s bathroom had a tub and shower that was barred up so that hikers wouldn’t use it. We thought that was hilarious…those dang hikers are such a nuisance

French toast with bacon

French toast with bacon


Dan and I decided to hit-up the local outfitters store for some stove fuel and various necessities. We got back on the trail, and cranked out another six miles. I was getting so tired by then, but that’s generally how the story goes. I find my music helps A LOT. It cures all sorts of mental and physical challenges.

As my wonderful hiking husband likes to say, “Everything will hurt at some point, so may as we’ll get it over with.” ย And he’s so right! the aches and pains and strains and blisters and swelling and brushing and cuts etc. are going to come…and apparently go. So I’ll just hang in there, until a new, and more intense pain replaces that dulling pain of yesterday. “Blisters? What blisters? All I feel is a shooting pain in my left foot arch.”



We camped on a gorgeous ridge over-looking mountains.



The following day was awesome. We cranked out 20 miles, laughed a lot, sang a lot, and even cried for joy once or twice. We had a 2 hour siesta in the afternoon to beat the heat, where we bathed with some scuzzy water.


Isn’t this all crazy? I mean, if you could see how I squeal with delight at the prospect of bathing with bug infested horse-trough water…it’s like Tara has truly morphed into a different person. this trail is changing me already…

Which brings me to my last, but in my opinion, most exciting part of the trip so far. T-Fox saw a Gray Fox!!!!!!


It was the most awesome experience! Dan and I were hiking along at dusk, and I just happened to look behind me, and there was a sneaky, sly little fox, curiously following us on the trail! I was absolutely high with joy!! I spoke kind words to him for a while, telling him how beautiful he is, and how much he reminds me of my little Shiba Inu dog at home. I appreciated the encounter…it was magical.

He scurried off, and I couldn’t help but feel that he had accepted me and my trail name. I wasn’t really sure if I should be T-Fox, but now I know it was meant to be ๐Ÿ™‚


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7 Responses to Gray Fox and Stinky Socks… (T-Fox)

  1. Omg! Hey Canadian trail twins! Alan and I went 17 miles yesterday but had to hitch back to Laguna in the morning. I was having knee pain and did not want to risk it. We are going to zero 2 days or so and then see! Cross your fingers!!! I hope we can all meet up at some point! Have fun on the trail!!!

    • So good to hear from you “Jen-allan” – that’s what we call you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you feel better…we’re dealing with a fair amount of pains and such, but nothing too major…finger’s crossed that nothing escalates too bad! Are you guys going to Kick-Off? That would be an awesome place to take some zeros – that’s our plan. We’re in Warner Springs right now, hanging out at the community centre, and we’re heading to Kick-Off soon. Hope to see you guys there and share trail stories ๐Ÿ™‚

      • We are doing well! Knee is sore, but I am doing well with taping it and ibuprofen!!! We are in warner springs, waiting to get our box tomorrow morning ( Monday ). Hope to see you up the trail!!!

  2. Grace Borr says:

    Sounds like an amazing adventure! Keep the stories coming! I will live vicariously thru you!

  3. Mikki says:

    Tara!! I cant believe how incredible you’re doing!! I cant imagine walking day in day out! but I am slightly confused about all these parties and community centers and gourmet meals you’re having… you should talk more about the blisters and back aches and dehydration. How bad is it???

    just curious before i join you for a week or two… cause hey, I’m just sitting around waiting for you guys to show up in Tahoe! Cant wait!!

    keep on trucking Dan and Tara.

    • Yes…it has not been a walk in the park, but we are managing just fine. I can’t wait to see you! That will be such a beautiful section of the trail too. maybe I will convince you to stay till Canada…? Haha.

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