Fuller Ridge and the 8000′ descent

Day 13: 5 mile detour + miles 179 to 186 (12 miles)

Day 14: Miles 186 to 210 (24 miles)


Absolutely. loving. Life.

I (T-Fox) feel like every time I go to blog, I intend on keeping it brief, and to share the experience mostly through pictures.

Then I start talking…and I can’t stop.

So here goes!!

Devils slide trail

Devils slide trail

The last two days have been absolutely amazing. No joke…no exaggeration. Upon leaving Idyllwild, we have seen the most incredible trees, mountain views, and desert chaparral. Truly breathtaking…

We left Idyllwild by eleven-thirty – checkout of our hotel was at eleven, so we milked the opportunity to sleep in ( till after 7!), shower (again…because it is such a rare and delicious feeling), and charge all our electronics. Upon leaving town,I felt rejuvenated, and completely capable and ready for some more trail. No more flu for T-Fox! I may have just been dehydrated. I have been drinking lots of water, but I was negligent with electrolyte consumption during that “horrendous” road walk (Tara means awesome – Lorax). It was really windy, so it’s deceiving to think that you’re not that sweaty…but apparently I was losing a lot of water. Lack of potassium and magnesium may have been my issue.

But regardless, I felt like a million bucks!

When we checked out of the hotel, the owner asked us if we wanted a lift to the trail. Taking a ride to the trail would mean…you guessed it…skipping. Since the previous section was closed, we didn’t technically walk the section from the trail to town. So we declined the ride, and she looked at us like we were crazy. I’m starting to think we may be…

We walked the 3 ish miles through town. We passed the most gorgeous log homes, and dreamed of owning a mountain town home of our own someday…when we are not homeless and jobless and bumming our way through the USA…

Once upon the trail, I was high on trees!! – Beautiful, towering, majestic, ancient pines. It’s hard to feel the aches and pains when you are surrounded by such beauty. Thank you God for the distraction!



We hiked until it was close to nightfall. Due to high elevation gain, the winds were gusty and strong, so finding a place to pitch our tent was challenging.We spent close to an hour fiddling at a particular spot, but then decided against it all together…which was really frustrating!  The winds were just too strong and unpredictable, and no matter how awesome we pitched that tent, stakes would be coming out through out the night. So we packed up and set out to find a better spot.

The clam

The clam

We walked another mile, and Lorax found a great rock overhang/cave that we opted to cowboy camp in. This was our first time camping without a tent..and it was fun!!  I slept surprisingly well, as Dan informed me that I was snoring…we got a hiker out cold!

Day 13 down…



That night I (Lorax) scored my first sleeping pad puncture of the trip, which is now sorta repaired. The next day we covered 5 miles on a ridge at 9000′ before starting a 14 mile descent that drops 8000′ from the second highest point on the trail in SoCal to the lowest at 1200′. During the descent we passed the 200 mile mark.


It was a scorcher of a day that only got hotter as we descended, however a trail angel was supposedly serving up ice cream at mile 210, so we hiked until 7pm to complete a 24 mile day at Ziggy and the Bear’s house. We enjoyed giant bowls of cookies and cream and slept under the stars in the back yard.



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9 Responses to Fuller Ridge and the 8000′ descent

  1. Pmack says:

    What he heck, Lorax, a new hat? I really liked the Red Sox one!

    • dandurston says:

      Yeah crazy story. We were road walking and some dudes pulled over to offer us a ride. Of course we declined, but one of them noticed my unique knock off BoSox hat. He asked if I found it. I said yeah about 120 miles ago. Turns out it was his buddies hat who hiked the 2000 mile Appalacian Trail with it last year and then lost it on the PCT this year. I gave the super salty hat to him to return to its rightful owner. Another guy in the vehicle was like “dude you can’t hike without a hat!” so he gave me this classy straw one.

      • Matt LeaKer says:

        That’s pretty awesome! You’re trip has been really neat to read about, and the snow is melting, and the muck is either growing or drying up. It’s a really sunny day here, so we’re hoping to get out and enjoy it!

  2. Kirk Durston says:

    Wow! What are the odds of finding hat at a random location on the trail and then a random vehicle pulls up at a random time and he knows the owner of the hat!!! Bizarre. I hope that straw hat does not weigh too many grams. 🙂 I am envious of the tremendous range of gorgeous country/scenery/terrain/plant and animal life you are seeing. Glad to see T-Fox is fully recovered. I suspect dehydration as well. I burned up 300 calories on the elliptical in 20 minutes today …. a pretty sad alternative to hiking. 😦

  3. marybeth dreise says:

    guys Hey. I am loving reading about your journey and tracking with you. Praying for you!

    • Hey MB! So glad to see you are following. Our three days in southern Ontario went so fast…didn’t end up seeing any friends at all, we were so stressed and busy getting ready for the trip. I want to see your house! Next time for sure…Love you!!

  4. Cal Cressman says:

    Looks kike your having a great time!!
    take lots of pictures! You can always edit them when you get home, but you can’t do that if you don’ take them
    Best of luck, keep it going
    Cal. C & Janice C.

    • Great to hear from you uncle Cal. We are trying to take plenty of pictures, but Dan is so much better at capturing the moments. Somedays I put my head down and just walk, and I need to remind myself of how gorgeous it is and to stop and take a picture! That’s why I’m in more pictures than Dan.

  5. Wally says:

    Love the pics
    Great commentary
    Love n Hugs
    Going riding this afternoon

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