Miles 210 – 266: Trail angels and trail food

Day 15 – Miles 210 to 218 (8 miles)

Day 16 – Mile 218 to 235 (17 miles)

Day 17 – Mile 235 to 256 (21 miles)

Day 18 – Mile 256 to 266 (10 miles)


I’m sounding like a broken record…but guess what?! We are still having fun!

We had a great time at Ziggy and the Bear’s house – trail angel’s who offered showers, footpaths, ice cream, a place to sleep, and breakfast complete with fresh coffee! And man do we LOVE our coffee. Starbucks instant VIA is just not the same.


Just a quick thought on trail angel’s. Not only are they amazing, but I feel that they are grossly under-appreciated. How amazing is it that people open their homes and lives for us?…for people they don’t even know. And absolutely, they are giving, and patient and generous folks, but so many of them are taking a financial strain because of it. We need to pay it forward…and pay them as well. There are donation jars at the houses for a reason. They never pressure people to donate, and I realize that some people legitimately can’t afford to donate, and that’s fine. But for those of us who can afford $15 or $20 in order to save $60 on a hotel…let’s dish some out. And whether you are able to donate or not, let’s help out…clean the showers, change the garbages…whatever. Let’s not wear these wonderful folks out.

End rant.

After Ziggy and the Bear’s, we ended up doing some twilight hiking. It was so hot that day, so we didn’t hike until after 5pm. we stumbled to camp, with headlights ablaze. We opted to cowboy camp again, and had plenty of friendly ants crawling all over our faces…but too happily passed out to mind too much.


Another rabbit trail…about our bodies. They are getting stronger! There are still plenty of aches and pains and strains and throbs…but they are beginning to be more tolerable. Lorax is feeling stronger than me, but I’m on my way! It feels awesome to feel like all this work and quite frankly suffering, is paying off. We are going to be lean, mean, walking machines! Less pain, equals more pleasure in the long run.

One more rabbit trail…last one…I think. I thought I would be more reflective on the trail, with romantic philosophical thoughts on life and love and community. And there’s been some of that, for sure. But my thought process has been more along these lines:

“Owe my foot hurts…when’s that vitamin-I gonna kick in? Ok, that’s better. I’m hungry. What can I eat? When can I eat? Two more hours…”

Then Lorax and I will get talking about food. One of yesterday’s food conversations (one of many) consisted of favourite chips. And we don’t eat chips. We also talked about what we would order at McDonald’s if we came across a wilderness drive-thru. Then we got to town, and all I wanted was salad and coffee! Figures..

Fraps at the grocery store

Fraps at the grocery store

Well, since I’ve been so off topic this time, I will just leave you with some pictures. Overall, the last section has been rad – met more people, ate more food, walked more miles, and laughed freely.

We are currently at another wonderful trail angel’s house in Big Bear City named Papa Smurf. More hot showers and hot food! Yum yum…

Thanks for following and sharing in our lives. Love all around…

– T Fox








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5 Responses to Miles 210 – 266: Trail angels and trail food

  1. Kirk Durston says:

    Magnificent, massive pine tree you are hugging, T Fox! Don’t see many that big around here. I’m guessing it is a Ponderosa? I have found a handful of old growth Spruce almost that thick in the Riding Mountain National Park near where I grew up. I climbed 100 feet up one once. Several years later, when it fell, I paced off my climb up the trunk and confirmed the 100 feet.

    News from my end ….. one of my favourite times of day is taking Sitka out for an extended time. Night time is very peaceful. Right now there is a beautiful crescent moon up there that I’m sure you two are enjoying as well. Up here, the Spring Peepers are peeping away after dark. Makes me feel like cowboy camping right there on the spot with the half moon and stars overhead and the Spring Peepers singing me to sleep. Sitka is pretty laid back at these times as well.

  2. Sue DiBacco says:

    Really enjoying your commentary, T Fox! You are an excellent writer. Looking forward to reading more

  3. Janet Firth says:

    loving hearing your journey! Just scraped booked again with Lynn last night (May 6). It was her first night back since their bike trip. She shared all their crazy adventures with your dad in the lead ripping arround those mountain passes! Really missing your mom and dad and I will be glad to have them home safe and sound! I opened our trailer this past weekend and looking forward to dipping my new kayaks into the lake! Dip Dip Swing! Stay safe! hugs Janet

  4. HairlessApe says:

    I’m really enjoying following your hike.! I agree with you 100% about Trail Angels….Wonderful people! And I agree with pitching in a little money in their donation jar. They work hard and it cost then a lot of money.

    Up here in Washington State you’ll hit Dinsmores Hiker Haven at Stevens Pass. I asked the Dinsmores what it cost them out of their pocket each year to help the hikers………$3,000 – $4,000 each summer. They’re a retired couple that has never set foot on the PCT, but heard the hikers could use some help. Wonderful people!

    HairlessApe (from BPL)

  5. Mahlon Frey says:

    Mom, & I are at the Best Western in Cauhon Pass. We are going to the Giant Sequoia Nation Park to day. Well meet you at Wright Wood Sunday noon. Let us know how you are doing, we can adjust our schedule to suit yours. Played in Big Bear yesterday, ( awesome )

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