Mama Fox and Papa Fox on the PCT (T-Fox)

Day 22 – Miles 325 to 347 (22 miles)

Day 23 – Miles 347 to 365 (18 miles)

Day 24 – Miles 365 to 369 (4 miles)


I (T-Fox), am delighted to say that I’m currently hanging out In Wrightwood CA with my Mom and Dad! I have begun referring to them as Mama and Papa Fox…not official trail names, but that’s what I like to call them. They have been touring all over the states on their motorcycle for the past three weeks, and being newly retired, they decided to extend their trip to swing to SoCal…and I’m just THRILLED they did. This is one happy girl šŸ™‚

In light of all that, I don’t want to spend too long blogging because I want to spend time with them, so this one will be brief.

Day 22 is brought to you by McDonald’s. A thru-hikers delight. Pretty much all conversations on the trail included, “you going to McDonald’s?” And every answer…was a yes.

Almost there...

Almost there…

We hiked 17 miles to reach the over-hyped Golden Arches…all to eat a whopping 1500 calories for me, and over 2000 for Lorax. Kind of sickening really…but it was delicious. I hope Canada gets with the program and starts having a Reese’s Pieces McFlurry…to die for.


After our feast, we got back at the trail, and completed another 5 miles. We had a great evening hanging out with some new friends – Carla and Josh, and Bandit and Can-Can – who were making us slightly envious with their packed out meals of Subway and tall beers. We had dehydrated soup, which I clumsily spilt 3/4 of in the dirt while preparing. I guess it’s good we gorged at McDonald’s.


The following day consisted of some serious elevation gain, from 3500 to 8500 feet. The climb was gradual, and we motored up the trail. Higher elevations are awesome, because they mean cooler temperatures, shade, and TREES. We just can’t get enough of those guys…

We also came across some sweet trail magic, complete with cold beer and hotdogs! I can’t even begin to explain how exciting this is to come across completely unexpected treats. It works wonders on my morale…I was beaming with smiles and completely rejuvenated after ending an hour with those folks. Thank you Struggles and Arno!

And there was MORE trail magic that evening at camp. Two day hikers rallied around the camp, calling all PCT hikers to congregate at their site for some pizza and margaritas. I happened to be settling down in my sleeping bag, as it was a very cold and windy evening. At the mention of pizza, however,I perked right up and joined in on the party. And a wild party it was!! We even stayed up past hiker midnight…didn’t hit the hay till after 9pm! We are wild, I know.



Sea of clouds

Sea of clouds

Hitching to town in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Hitching to town in the bed of a pick-up truck.

And that brings us full circle to today, where we hiked the 5 miles into town to see Mama and Papa Fox! I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited. It also happens to be Mother’s Day…I feel blessed to have spent it with my mom. Dan and I got so spoiled by them. They got us a room, and treated us to fabulous eats…and we have big appetites these days! Love you guys…thank you SO MUCH! Papa Fox even treated me to an afternoon motorcycle ride where we twisted and turned around ridiculously tight corners at unmentionable fast speeds. It was excite rating to experience the outdoors at speeds higher than my usual top speed of 3 miles per hour.

I a sad to report that I don’t have pictures from our day with my parents. My mom. Is the queen of picture taking, so I always leave that to her, but later realized there was no way to upload them on the iPad Mini. I will take some tomorrow.

Tomorrow it’s back to the trail. Mom and Dad are gonna try out their hiking skills and join us for the first part of the trail. I’m excited to show off my new home on the PCT. Turns out we are not homeless…the PCT trail has become our home, and we are settling in quite nicely.

From our home to yours…


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9 Responses to Mama Fox and Papa Fox on the PCT (T-Fox)

  1. Mother Hen says:

    So cool and eventful!

  2. KP says:

    Thanks for all the updates from the trail! It’s great to track with you guys, makes me feel like I’m on the adventure too. See you both soon, only 2200 miles to go!

  3. Kirk Durston says:

    T-Fox, you know you are trail-tough when you can hike 20 miles in flip-flops!!!

  4. Janet Firth says:

    So excited you got to see your Mom and Dad, it was a great way for you all to feel connected to your hike! Hugs to all and send your Moma and Popa Fox back now we miss them!

  5. Elizabeth Hackett says:

    I can’t believe you’re hiking in flip-flops, Tara. It sounds like an exciting adventure. Glad you got to see you’re mom and dad. Hope they’ll be back soon.

  6. Momma Lorax says:

    I had to check the maps today to make sure you are well out of the range of those fires north of San Diego. So glad you are speedy walkers.

  7. Wally Brubacher says:

    Happy Trekking!

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