Mojave windmills (T-Fox)

May 19 – Miles 518-538 (20 miles)

May 20 – Miles 538-558 (20 miles)

May 21 – 0 miles (glorious rest in Mojave, except for lots of walking around town) Image We have been so lucky with the weather in this last stretch. I (T-Fox), would even say that my biggest fear of hiking the PCT was the HOT desert weather. I melt in the heat…maybe I’m a witch, or at least was one in a past life (just kidding)…

Random herd of sheep in the desert...

Random herd of sheep in the desert…

But the weather has been awesome. Yes, there were some scorchers (as mentioned in previous posts), but for the most part it’s been smooth sailing with cooling winds and moderate temps. On May 19th, Lorax and I headed on out into the Mojave desert. This section is often described as the hottest and driest section, and unfortunately it’s also a common place for many hikers to call it quits. Luckily, the temps stayed in the 80s for us.

Not gonna lie though – it was boring…and very much lacking in character and inspiration. This section of the trail goes through the Mojave desert on private land, where we follow the L.A. Aqueduct for some time, and then spit out into windmill central. By mile 10, I was beginning to drag my feet and get “a little pouty.” So we had a quick break under a Joshua Tree, and I listened to some Johnny Cash (it seemed appropriate) and some Mumford and Sons for the next stretch. We camped in the windmill farm – it was a windy night 🙂

Aqueduct walk

Aqueduct walk

Boring flat road.

Boring flat road.

image image The following morning started off some ascending the Tehachapi mountains, or as we like to call them, the foothills of the Sierras!! This is a huge milestone, because it means getting closer to some serious mountains with some serious awesomeness. It still feels desert-like, but it felt great to have survived the “hot-stretch” and to be on our way back to trees and flowers. image

Loving the Joshua Trees!!

Loving the Joshua Trees!!

image image We cranked out another 20 mile day, with lots of laughs and great conversation. People tend to hike alone on the PCT, but there’s a lot of “leap-frogging” where you with see the same person several times through out the day because we all stop for breaks at different times. Lately we have been running into Steven, Steve, and Josh and Carla a lot. It’s great to get to know people out here. We’re all stinky, but we all accept each other for it. Have you ever noticed you had bad b.o. In a public place and got really worried and embarrassed about it? Not out here. You can rest assure that someone smells worse than no worries. It’s great.


image I am currently hanging out in a prestigious Motel 6 in Mojave CA with my husband. I’m eating a veggie platter…and cookies…and iced tea…yum. Tomorrow it’s back to the foothills for a 7 day stretch with no stops. Our packs are loaded and heavy with food to support our huge appetites and our slimming figures.


Thanks for reading!

Walk on… T-Fox

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10 Responses to Mojave windmills (T-Fox)

  1. Mikki says:

    The sierra’s!!! that means you’re close to me… kind of;) how long till shasta?

    • Hmm…looks like about mid July…? We wondered what section you were going to join us for. There’s also a sweet section from Yosemite up to Tahoe. But whatever you want…join whenever you can and for whatever you want to hike! Looking forward to it.

      • Mikki says:

        hmmm, i can start as early as july 5th. and walk for couple weeks… that might work with yosemite? i better start looking into gear. and food. and training. heard dan trained by walking in/out of mcdonalds…;)
        good luck on the upcoming stretch. keep on keeping on!

  2. Mother Hen says:

    Hi to you from me Mother Hen! I sure hope you are taking your vitamins…lol! I am kidding of course. Thank you for the great update and wonderful photos! If you need a boost check out the group, Need to Breathe. Their song The Heart, just might put a spring in your step as you to boogie on down that lonesome road. Take care and you are doing quite wonderfully..

  3. Mahlon Frey says:

    Mama and Papa Fox really enjoy following your blog. The Mojave was not the most favourite part of our trip either, but their are better times ahead. It took all of my energy to keep me sitting upright on the back of the motorcycle and not blowing off. Tara and Dan, I am really enjoying spending time with my little grand doggie Sitka Durston. You guys are amazing, what an undertaking . Please continue to take care and enjoy the ride. Luv Mom and Dad Frey.

  4. justin says:

    every passing day without an update all that goes through my head is what is the fox gonna say. give me some lunch time reading here, the bbc just isn’t cutting it. yihee.

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