“I Speak for the Trees…” (T-Fox)

June 23 – 1095 to 1099 (4 miles)
June 24 – 1099 to 1122 (23 miles)
June 25 – 1122 to 1138 + 2 mile side trail (18 miles)
June 26 – 1138 to 1160 + 2 mile side trail (24 miles)
June 27 – 1169 to 1187 (27 miles)
June 28 – 1187 to 1195 + 3 mile side trail (11 miles)


South Lake Tahoe was heaven. Mikki, a great friend of ours from BC, just got hitched to an American man, and is living at the base of Squaw ski resort in California. She made the drive to visit us in Tahoe, and treated us to PIZZA and coffee!! It felt so good yo catch up and reminisce of our Whistler days of chasing good pow. Looks like she is still “living the dream”…just on the other side of the boarder. Man I love that girl.


Reality set in, and it was back to the trail. Mikki drove us to the trailhead, which saved us the hitch. We didn’t start hiking until 6pm, so we only got 4 miles in.


Too bad their party consisted of pricking our flesh. That’s the worst we’ve seen them yet. I jumped into my “mosquito-proof” outfit as quick as I could, ran down to the infested creek for water, and hopped into the fox-den. We spent a good amount of time killing any intruders in our tent who dared mess with us, as we consumed oodles of candy. All in a good day’s work…

We may have overdone the candy Hun...

We may have overdone the candy Hun…

The following day we hit the 1100 mile mark. It was sometime before 7am, so I was still a bit of a zombie, but it was mildly exciting none-the-less. Every hundred miles is a feat…


June 25th was a very exciting day – we were headed to Mikki and Joe’s house!! All I had to do was hike 14 miles, then a mere 2.4 miles off trail, and I’d be there! That can’t be too hard right?

Wrong. Was not feeling it, as is prone to happen at times. I did not want to hike…at all. Negative thoughts took over my brain…and they tricked down to my body. How can I feel so down when everything is so beautiful? The flowers, the mountains, the sunshine, the people…but sometimes negative thoughts can hit me like the plague. We were even hiking along the most spectacular field full of all my favourite flowers…surely that would cheer me up…but I hardly noticed them.




Indian Paintbrush everywhere...

Indian Paintbrush everywhere…


I love you too Mother Nature...

I love you too Mother Nature…

As we neared Mikki’s house, I felt better. I hate those funks!! But it did subside. Hanging out with those two was a major hi light. I’m happy to report that Joe just may be as awesome as Mikki…and that’s a huge statement, as she is the coolest person EVER. They are a great match of wit, adventure, and love. Looks like they are going to try to join us in mid-July for 10 days!

Hotel a la Mikki and Joe!

Hotel a la Mikki and Joe!

Oh my gosh...so delish!!

Oh my gosh…so delish!!

They cooked us the BEST dinner on the PCT to date – salmon, steak, corn on the cob, salad, potatoes and ice cream. To die for. We stayed the night, complete with a dreamy, wonderful sleep…like on a cloud…

We awoke to RAIN. As Mikki drove us to trailhead, we joked that our reunion brought the west coast weather…figures. We said our goodbyes (for now) and got geared up for the rain.

Wet, but smiling...

Wet, but smiling…

It cleared up around 11am or so, and ended up being a gorgeous afternoon. We’re not sure how, but we managed to hike 24 miles that day, despite our late start, and our 2.4 miles off trail. I was exhausted by the evening, but it felt good to get far. We set up tent, not far from I-80, to the hum of traffic. We didn’t notice…too comfy in our tent to care. We’re getting used to this…

Squaw ski resort

Squaw ski resort


27 miles the next day!! We were feeling strong and motivated and determined. As most of our longer days go, we had town in the mind – Sierra City was the following day, and the more miles we finished today,the easier our “walk” to town would be.

The Lorax popped out of a cut down tree! He was NOT impressed...

The Lorax popped out of a cut down tree! He was NOT impressed…


Pussy Paw flowers

Pussy Paw flowers

Right behind ya Hun...

Right behind ya Hun…

"I open fields of wild flowers, she breathes the air and flies away..." - Jars of Clay

“I open fields of wild flowers, she breathes the air and flies away…” – Jars of Clay


It was great to see some of our friends that we hadn’t seen in a while – Arabia, Steve, and Crusher. We also met lots of new faces. It amazes me how many people are out here, and how easy it is to connect on our common ground of hiking. So many different walks of life, yet we all want to hike 2660 miles like a bunch of crazy idiots!! What’s wrong with us?!


We’re chilling in Sierra City and loving life. The simple things in life are bringing us so much pleasure…it’s refreshing. We are focusing on living in the moment, and enjoying the conversation and company of many. We are dreaming of a bright and promising future in western Canada, where T-Fox curls up on the couch with her beautiful dog Sitka and sighs saying, “Man, it sure is great to be living…”


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6 Responses to “I Speak for the Trees…” (T-Fox)

  1. Mother Hen says:

    You two are doing great!!! We are all prone to getting the gloomies every so often, especially when we’re tired… How dare those mosquitos mess with you…

  2. Poppa Lorax says:

    Patti and I been hiking the wilds of Wales and England and thinking of you two. Today alas, we are driving to London. Not looking forward to the big city but we’ll have a good time anyways before climbing on that plane back to Canada.

  3. Momma Lorax says:

    Still loving this blog. You are so creative, honest and expressive! Love the pics too. I look for another post every time I’m online so keep them coming. It seems to me that Lorax might need to help out with the writing soon but I’m loving your posts T-Fox.

  4. Poppa Lorax says:

    I love the photo of the Lorax on the stump …. Just like in the book!

  5. Reta says:

    Love reading your posts ! Admire your determination and perseverance . Great photos!

  6. Wildtowner says:

    Happy Canada Day! Enjoying your posts, and liking that you are not pretending that it’s always easy. Keep it human — no shame in that!

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