So Close I Can Taste It… (T-Fox)

September 1 – 2580 to 2599 (19 miles)
September 2 – 2599 to 2620 (21 miles)
September 3 – 2620 to 2641 (21 miles)

His pride and joy

His pride and joy

September 1 – 19 miles

We hit the Stehekin bakery HARD on our final morning in town – sticky buns (#3 for me, #5 for Lorax), bagels, a loaf of bread, a scone, and two cinnamon buns. It’s beyond ridiculous, but the food is that good, and this is our last chance to overload on sugary carbs!

We take the first bus back to the trail, and as usual, our packs are heavy. I struggle my way up the gradual incline…so much so that Lorax offers to take some of my load. I’m frustrated that I am so much weaker than him, but I can’t pass up the offer. Man I love that guy.

The day consisted of lengthy conversations about finishing the trail soon. This is the last haul, and we’ve decided to slow down our mileage a bit.

It feels like fall today, and it’s hard to believe we started this whole thing in late April. Time has FLOWN by.




September 2 -21 miles

We start the day off with crossing Rainy Pass – the last “real” road crossing on the PCT. And just moments later, we are greeted with the 2600 mile marker…only 60 miles to go!!

The thick morning fog sticks around, and it gets increasingly cold. I find myself hiking in my thick down jacket…something I haven’t had to do all trip.

Cue the rain – a good solidly COLD Washington rain. I just knew Washington wouldn’t let us off that easy! I can’t imagine hiking through here in October…brrr it’s cold!!! We walk in solitude today, too confined by our hats and jackets and hoods to have a decent conversation.







At least someone was enjoying the rain...

At least someone was enjoying the rain…

September 3 – 21 miles

That was a cold night! We wake, feeling far from rested, and far from stoked to hike in the persistent rain.

Today I came to terms that I am READY for this to be DONE. Even if rain doesn’t last forever, it’s still difficult to stay engaged and positive in our hike when it just keeps falling, and we get more and more soaked. We’re sad to be wrapping this up, but we are also getting a taste of Washington fall weather, and we are not interested in getting much more! As we ascend up Harts Pass, the rain turns to snow. SNOW. I was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little snow to ski on…but not to hike in…in September.

No views today – just fog, fog, fog. Oh Washington, you can be so glum sometimes. Cheer up!

Finally, while we set up camp, the clouds break, and Lorax announces blue skies. I skeptically look up, expected a tiny blue patch just teasing us, but he’s right – completely blue skies! Not a cloud in sight!

We camp with a crew of volunteers who are surveying the wolverine population in the area. They quiz us on our hike, and we find it hard to put our experiences into words. Sometimes it just feels like a “you had to be there” kind of trip. We love talking about it, but we feel like we are always just scratching the surface when we describe things.

Tomorrow we cross the Canadian border. We lay in our den, cozy in our sleeping bags, cuddled in each other’s arms, reminiscing on the trip, laughing, and reflecting. I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone other than you Hun.

Cold start to the day

Cold start to the day


Team Canada...going for the long haul!

Team Canada…going for the long haul!





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1 Response to So Close I Can Taste It… (T-Fox)

  1. jennihikes says:

    Can’t wait to hug those big old trees! Also love the pic of you two in the snow – you make such a bright, lively contrast to the surroundings. I can’t help but wonder how true that is of your lives off tràil……I don’t know you guys but I’ll bet you light it up wherever you are.

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