PCT Pt. 1 – SoCal

Lorax has added our first PCT video! We will be releasing four parts to our unforgettable journey, so stay tuned for more…eventually.

Walk On,

Lorax and T-Fox


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5 Responses to PCT Pt. 1 – SoCal

  1. jennihikes says:

    Oh this brings back memories for me!!!! Isn’t that funny? Not even my hike…….but watching this gave me a tight throat. It reminded me how much I loved you guys, especially as you kept going and I kept reading you and you were so gorgeous. I really like how you see the world, and each other. Walk on indeed. Love

  2. janet Firth says:

    Thanks for the snapshot! It was awesome! love the amazing flowers and trees and mountain ranges! OH and Tara’s little fox!

  3. Mahlon Frey says:

    Momma, & Poppa Fox, are impressed Awesome, can’t wait for the next instalment !!!!

  4. Mother Hen says:

    I am going to like this, but will watch it at a time when I can stop and really enjoy the beauty of your hike and your hearts too..

  5. Steven Scott Forrest says:

    Poodle Dog Bush.

    I miss it.

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