PCT Video Part 3 – Northern California!

Well, Dan has compiled the next video – Northern California. We both keep watching it over and over and over again…reliving the wonder, the laughs, the views, and the quality time with each other and with nature.

We miss the trail terribly…but it’s nice to remember something so fondly and with such a full heart. The PCT is a new friend, and she will forever be our friend.

But we do miss her 🙂

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7 Responses to PCT Video Part 3 – Northern California!

  1. Steven Bill says:

    Unreal. And great soundtrack. Miss the updates of your adventures on the trail. Hope you’re both well and loving this next journey you’re on too!

    • dandurston says:

      Oh thanks Steve! It was always such a pleasure to read your comments as well. We both sure miss it…not just the hiking or the people we met, but the connections we made of the virtual kind as well. Opening up about the challenges and being vulnerable with so many people was kind of hard at first, but ultimately I wanted to be honest and be true to the adventure. Who knows…maybe there’s another long-distance hike in our near future…?
      – TFox

  2. jennihikes says:

    What a treat! Thanks so much…..awesome choice of music too. Peace and joy, Love and Light to you both.

  3. Mehhh getting a bit teary eyed. I miss the trail:( – Watermalone

  4. jeff hersey says:

    Willem…… Lightfoot…… — Its Raggs, how far did you make it? You know I missed your company! I crossed the Candian border in the middle of august. Glad you didn’t die in the sierras for lack of an ice axe…………..lol! Love u man. my email is foolbiker@aol.com

  5. I understand the connection that is formed with the land when backpacking. For me, the backpacking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences. The canyon filled my heart and still does. Another backpacking trip to Pecos Falls in the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico was another cherished backpacking trip, in spite of its challenges or maybe because of them!

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